2021/2022 Best Paper Awards

  Posted on 2022-06-15

2021/2022 USURJ Best Papers Award Judges Panel:

  • Vicky Duncan, Panel Chair, University Library, USURJ Faculty Advisor
  • Harold Bull, Faculty, Department of Microbiology and Immunology
  • Kathleen James-Cavan, Faculty, English Department, former USURJ Faculty Advisor
  • Jennifer Sedgewick, Graduate Student, York University

The judges have selected the winners of the two Best Papers Prizes for the 2021/2022 issues of the University of Saskatchewan Undergraduate Research Journal (USURJ):

Congratulations to the two papers selected as “Best Paper” published in the USURJ journal this year. The first paper authored by Matthew S. Chapelski, Natalie E. Houser, Ashley Libke, Dana S. Lahti, Kristi D. Wright, Charissa Pockett, Tim J. Bradley, Scott Pharis, Corey R. Tomczak, and Marta C. Erlandson was entitled “The Effect of a Fundamental Movement Skill Intervention on the Physical Literacy Levels of Children with Congenital Heart Disease – A CHAMPS Cohort Study”. This paper describes the results of an ambitious research project measuring the effect of a 12-week intervention on the physical literacy of children with congenital heart disease. The paper is clearly written, accessible, and makes a significant contribution to the literature. The second paper, “What do Christina Rossetti and Emily Ratajkowski Have in Common?: Gendered Power Dynamics in the Relationship Between the Female Model and the Male Artist”, by Nakita Funk, creatively draws parallels between the objectification of women as depicted in Rossetti’s poem “In an Artist’s Studio” written in the nineteenth century, and an essay published in 2020 by the supermodel Emily Ratajkowski. Other papers nominated were “The Application of Citizen Sciences to an Undergraduate Research Project on Canine Cognition” by Dezirae Leger, and “Promises Made or Promises Kept?” by Matthew Selinger.

Congratulations to all the authors! The panel thanks the USURJ assistant and senior editors for nominating papers for the Best Papers Award.