SUBMISSION RUBRIC: USURJ special issue, “Disrupting and Expanding the Status Quo.”

  Posted on 2023-03-17

Rubric for Special Issue Submissions:


1: Legal / Ethical

2: Suitability

3: Organization

4: Content

  • Relevant voices in the (scholarly) conversation are represented.
  • Information is accurate, up-to-date, and well researched. 

5: Clarity

  • Visual and audio elements, as well as tables, are clear to the context of the work.   
  • Sentences are not overly complex or lengthy for no apparent artistic or rhetorical reason.
  • No issues of accessibility, such as contrast issues with images, using colour alone to convey meaning, or lack of alt text.

6: Language

  • Shifts in tone, tense, or level of formality are appropriate to the context of the work.
  • No unexplained jargon/technical terminology.
  • Content about a person’s or peoples’ characteristics is written in a way that is respectful of intersectionality.
  • Writing is  concise.

7: Proofreading

 8: Consistency

  • Tables, photos, multimedia, and other visual elements consistent with surrounding text are consistently presented (e.g., headings, numbers, captions).
  • If relevant to the genre, the work conforms to rules of style for the chosen style guide (APA, MLS, CMS etc.).

9: Accuracy and Completeness

  • No errors in math, statistics, or numerals (e.g., conversions, incorrect totals).
  • No missing captions or headings, email addresses, or web links.  
  • No missing citations (unsupported generalizations, tables missing data sources, quotations or paraphrased material without citations).
  • Traditional Knowledge Keepers and Elders are cited properly.

10: Genre-Specific Resources and Considerations

  •  Images are high resolution; unnecessary elements/white spaces are removed.
  • Videos include alt-text, closed captioning/transcript, and appropriate warnings.
  • Reflective writing moves beyond basic description of experiences to critically review existing knowledge, question assumptions, and works to understand self, others, or disciplinary concepts.