2020/2021 USURJ Best Papers Award Judges Panel: Vicky Duncan, Panel Chair, University Library, USURJ Faculty Advisor Harold Bull, Faculty, Department of Microbiology and Immunology Kathleen James-Cavan, Faculty, English Department, former USURJ Faculty Advisor Krystl Raven, Graduate Student, Department of Indigenous Studies

 The judges have selected the winners of the two Best Papers Prizes for the 2020/2021 issues of the University of Saskatchewan Undergraduate Research Journal (USURJ):

Congratulations to the two papers selected as “Best Paper” published in the USURJ journal this year. The first paper, authored by Hira Ghani, Brooke Motowylo, Mandy Olsen, Robin Hartl, Seshni Naidoo and Allison Cammer, was entitled “Fibre Content and Fibre Fortification of Menu Items Served to Sherbrooke Community Centre Residents on Texture Modified Diets.” This paper is a clearly written, accessible account of an original research project, which contributes to the existing literature and has practical and significant implications for the health sciences community.

The second paper, “The Historic and Contemporary Permanence of the Doctrine of Discovery in Canada,” by Celine Rose Beaulieu, is an ambitious paper on an important topic, which draws from multiple disciplines to create a persuasive argument. 

The panel thanks the USURJ assistant and senior editors for nominating papers for the Best Papers Award.