Anti-Racist Lesson Plan How to Teach about Canadian Residential Schools in the Early Years

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Junita Subangani Raj


This paper delves into a personal exploration of race, identity, and experience in the University of Saskatchewan’s Anti-Racist Education Mentorship (AEM) Project. I recount my process of learning about racism, its ramifications in society, and my conclusion that racism is taught and passed down generationally. I define anti-racism and emphasize the importance of anti-racist education when pursuing racial justice. I detail my experience creating an anti-racist lesson plan about residential schools in Canada and delivering my lesson plan to grade 2/3 students in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. I reflect on this teaching experience, students' engagement, and understanding of anti-racism concepts, and I stress the importance of age-appropriate discussions surrounding racism. My experience delivering an anti-racist lesson to grade 2/3 students disrupts the status quo by challenging the conventional belief that early elementary students are not mature enough to discuss experiences of racism.