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Alexander Sylvestre


I am a First Nations artist. My father is Dene, and my mother is a second-generation Canadian from Ukraine. I have spent almost all of my life creating art and grew up with family members who were professional artists. My goal has always been to create art for my own mental health and for the enjoyment of those around me. I also try to create some of my ideas in a simple easy-to-digest way while trying to also stay simple with the materials I use. Before I came to university, I spent many years as a teenager practicing the art of graffiti, but as I grew older and my criminal record became more extensive, I struggled with my identity as a native artist and began to ask myself introspective questions that a young teenager doing graffiti would tend not to ask.  Those questions led me to pursue a degree in fine arts and also led me to pursue my love of art through many different surfaces and mediums than my younger self could have ever thought possible