Digging Up the Past

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Puja Rajesh


Artist’s Statement: My piece, "Digging Up the Past," was designed to bring a sense of nostalgia and joy on two levels: the cinematic and the global. Referencing the original 1999 film The Mummy, the top sculpture of a mummy represents the common pre-Covid pastimes that we all would have experienced at one point or another, such as going to a movie. The bottom pillar/column represents the culture and diverse experiences that we have missed due to the pandemic, bringing to light our inability to travel and explore localities that differ from our own. Both of these issues are accentuated by the aging processes the column and mummy have undergone, showing the toll time has taken on all of us, especially in relation to these issues. I made this piece for ART 242. A small recording device can be switched on to let the Mummy roar using the voice from the film (as it is recorded from the 1999 movie).