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Brody Burns


Raedon is about insomnia during the pandemic in the middle of December. The colours represent nocturnal hours as if they were the dark blue night sky with the northern lights out. Every students’ class is moved to remote access. Stay home advisories are still in place with social distancing. This causes some complications as there is a lot of “free” time in the comfort of our home. For me, it’s painting until 5 or 6 am in the morning. Then waking up just in time for WebEx class meetings, workout, homework, game, paint – repeat.  

Awakening is about overcoming all the hardships the pandemic has brought. It is a part of my on-going series called The Void. The pandemic has shown me things I needed to deal with on a personal level. I hit rock bottom in my life and failed in so many ways during Covid-19. My life began to turn towards positive after fasting late summer of 2020. I’m fortunate to have a new perspective on my life and the future. I am grateful I get to finish my psychology degree and begin my Bachelor of Fine Arts. In other words, Awakening represents healing, strength and a clear focus for the future regardless of things going on outside of ourselves.