Editorial Board and Acknowledgements

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Ghassan Al-Yassin
Juno Bayliss


Editorial Board and Acknowledgements
Volume 6, Issue 2

Ghassan Al-Yassin and Juno Bayliss

Humanities and Fine Arts
Senior Editor: Delane Just
Associate Editors: Mae McDonald, Teevin Fournier, Courtney Neufeld, Sophia Charyna, Chloe Stainbrook
Graduate Advisor (2019-2020):  Jasmine Redford 

Natural Sciences
Senior Editor: Sarah Foley
Associate Editors: Gloria Yu, Rina Rast, Riley Whyte, Leland Bryshun, Bre Hipkin, Jalen Mikuliak, Brooke Coller 

Health Sciences
Senior Editor: Nikoo Soltan
Associate Editors: Naiela Anwar, Sergey Kens, Tasker Wanlin, Anne-Sophie Fortier
Graduate Advisor: Valerie Rozwadowski

Social Sciences
Senior Editor: Jordan Wellsch
Associate Editors: Muhammad Awan, Robin Steeg, Brenan Smith, Courtney Hrynuik, Ziying Li
Graduate Advisor (2019-2020): Bidushy Sadika 

Layout Editors: Rina Rast, Ziying Li, Teevin Fournier, Courtney Hrynuik, Ghassan Al-Yassin
Cover Layout: Amy St. Jacques 

Jordana Lalonde

Staff and Faculty Advisors
Faculty Advisor (2019-2020): Vicky Duncan, University Library
Staff Advisor: Liv Marken, Writing Help Coordinator, Student Learning Services 

The Editorial Board would like to thank the following individuals, departments and organizations for their contributions to and support of the journal:  Laura Larsen, Writing Help Centre; Amy St. Jacques, Student Learning Services at the University Library; DeDe Dawson and JoAnn Murphy, University Library; Kate Langrell, University Library; Merle Massie, Undergraduate Research Initiative, Office of the Vice-President, Research; all faculty and graduate student reviewers; the College of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies; and the University Library.