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Kenton Doupe


My name is Kenton Doupe. I am twenty-one years old and am currently in my third year at the U of S in pursuit of a BFA. My artistic interests include photography, drawing, and printmaking, as well as small doses of videography, woodworking and painting. I hope to continue with my artistic endeavours and make a living off of my passion. After graduation I will continue to create, and travel the world in a Westfalia.

The work submitted is a small dose of projects I have been working on that push my conception of common artistic methods, including graphite and photography. Both of these projects were a big step back from my normal subject matter to explore the idea of form and implied form. It gave me a chance to try to create objects and shapes without relying on set parameters or guidelines that would accompany a more traditional work (relying on known physical objects or the human form).